Monday, March 12, 2007

Rate my Blog

First we had rate my

Rate my blog! with avatars and there is no special .dll or installation just cut and paste the code into your blog template then you are good to go :)

The widget can be customized via CSS so you could do something like this...

margin: 5px auto;
padding: 2px;
background: #ddd;
color: #fff;
border: 1px solid #000;

The header text in this case "Rate My Blog!" sits outside the widget giving you control over the text.
Unlike the post rating widget your readers will need a account to vote. Which makes sense right!
Because without an account their avatar will not be displayed and link back to their account.

How do you get it? Login go to the accounts page and click the widgets tab.
There you will find all the blogarate widgets in one location.

Enjoy :)

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Extravie mis pantalones said...

Hi, i really like your widget.
but... why it reflects -1 star on non-logged users???
99% of my visitors arent logged and it appears that my posts arent so good.

Extravie mis pantalones said...

and it wont make my visitors register

student said...

Hi Please rate my blog